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Simeulue surf spots

Surfing Simeulue is nature at its best. Simeulue is located around 120km from the west coast of Sumatra. While Nias, the Mentawais and other places around Sumatra are already pretty well known amongst surfers, Simeulue is still very unknown and therefore not overloaded with crowds!

Many Sumatra surf spots remain unknown and also nameless, but search and you will definitely find! From lefts to rights, shallow barreling reef breaks to also deep water reef and beach breaks. Some options;

Next to our door is probably the best break on the island, called Dylans, or Dylans Right or Dylans Point, at only a 100m walk. A powerful right hander with hollow tubes and a long ride.

If Dylans does not work you can check out a break around 5 min drive (if you drive slow) north of the resort, a fun left hander which breaks over a deeper reef.

Just around the corner, picks up swell almost 365 days a year. When all is small, this is the one to choose! A fun right hander…

In front of the resort lies an island which holds a very heavy break, called Tea Bags, it’s a powerful right (reef). Ask Roy, our manager, to arrange a short boat trip to the island of Tapah when the swell is up!

Grab a bike and head north, only a short ride away is a break called Jackals, very consistent and has lefts and rights, breaking over a reef, combined with sand and rocks..

A fun left hand reef break with challenging sections. Holds up huge swells and is suitable for longboard as well as shortboard. Take a beautiful ride by motorbike around the coastline and then grab a local boat for about 4 minutes.

Because of the remoteness of Simeulue Island and the lack of mass tourism, you can still search for breaks that are unnamed and undiscovered..we know some and will let you in on some secrets of the island..but what better way then to take your motorbike and search, find and surf..!

Check out the pictures below, by clicking on one you can enlarge and scroll through them.

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