One of the last

frontiers in Indonesia

Looking for a tourist spot? Hundreds of restaurants to choose from? A place where everyone is fluent in English? Please search again, cause you will not find it on Simeulue Island (and that’s a good thing!)


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Simeulue Island resort

What we have to offer is one of the last frontiers in Indonesia! An almost undiscovered island off the coast of Sumatra: Pulau Simeulue (Simeulue Island)

The Simeulue surf resort is situated on the west coast of the island, right in front of the best surf spot you will find on Simeulue, 100 meters from your door, Dylans, a powerful, hollow right hander, NON crowded! Surf from dawn till dusk and walk back to the resort within 1 minute! The resort is close to a small beach, blue water, beautiful reefs and a lot of palm trees. Something very special about our resort is our private saltwater pool with sun deck and outside showers.

It’s paradise for surfers, but when you don’t fancy a session or just don’t surf…you can; hang out, relax, go fishing, snorkeling, make some incredible hikes on the island, visit waterfalls, go spearfishing, take a trip to the deserted island only a boat ride away, enjoy a boat trip inland or just cruise on your motorbike to soak up the culture of Simeulue and find beautiful and mostly deserted beaches around the island.

    • 3 meals a day
    • FREE airport pick-up and drop-off
    • FREE coffee, water and juices
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