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Simeulue Surflodges 

Simeulue Surflodges – Terms & Conditions


All guests must read and agree with our Terms & Conditions.

All prices are indicated in USD currency.
After we receive your booking request we shall contact you within 24 hours.

We will provide all the information you may need and ask you for a deposit of 50% of the total value. After receipt of the deposit, we will confirm your booking.

Important: deposits secure room spaces, no deposit means no reservation.

Deposits are non-refundable and SSL reserves the right to withdraw a booking if full payment isn’t made within 21 days/3 weeks prior to arrival.

Payments may be made by Paypal or International Bank transfer only. We only accept payments in USD or Euro.

Any form of payment constitutes acceptance of the Terms & Conditions stated on this site.


Simeulue Surflodges (SSL) is not liable for any damage to any personal items, theft, illness, injury or death caused while travelling to or staying at SSL.

SSL is not liable in any situation to pay extra expenses nor refunds, which may be due to delays, natural disasters, war, civil unrest, terrorism, early departures from a poor surf or inclement weather etc.

SSL is not responsible for any guests actions and will not be involved in any legal matters related to crime, drugs or anything that is against the law, both in the guests country of origin and/or Indonesia.

SSL guests must have 6 months validity in their passport. SSL will not be held responsible for any matters related to immigration and takes no responsibility with regards to customers visas. Guests should be aware that tourist visa’s obtained on entry at any port in Indonesia is a 30-day non-extendable visa.

SSL recommends all guests should check all safety issues, travel warnings, information and advisories related to entering Indonesia before departing their country of origin. It is the guests decision and therefore his/her responsibility to enter Indonesia if there is danger present. Travel Insurance and Evacuation Insurance is highly recommended and is not provided by SSL.

All guests, if under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

SSL has informed the guest that all travel is at the guests own risk. Searching in remote locations may lead to dangers in which the guest has total responsibility in agreement to engagement.

SSL is not responsible for any robbery or theft that occurs in or from its property. Therefore SSL recommends you to put your personal belongings in the safe provided in the room. SSL does not take any responsibility for the guests personal belongings during their stay, wherever they are placed. The guest is fully responsible for his or her personal belongings. Guests may not damage any structure of objects on the property and are kindly requested to report any possible damage to the management.

Costs not included in the price: Personal spending money, Food not prepared by SSL (eating out is at your own expense) Alcohol, Travel Insurance, Airport Departure Taxes for international and domestic flights in Indonesia, Passport and Inoculation costs, Personal costs incurred through delay in transport or mechanical breakdown.

Payment at the resort for services and/or drinksis in Indonesian Rupiah cash only. Credit cards will not be accepted.


Bookings in general and deposits made will not be refunded and the guest is responsible for their own travel insurance to make any claims in regards to (forced) cancellations. The client will get (and keep) a credit at SSL to use within one year after initial booking date.

Upon arrival and during your stay, we will not make any refunds except in the case of serious illness or injury. SSL recommends travel insurance and it is the responsibility of the guest to arrange his or her travel insurance prior to the departure of their country of origin.

In the event of a medical related cancellation a supporting medical certificate from a registered and accepted International Medical Clinic must be presented at which time a letter of confirmation will be generated confirming cancellation that may be used to present to your Travel Insurance Company. SSL does not assume responsibility for a partial of full refund resulting from a medical cancellation.

All information will be treated confidentially and will not be forwarded except for matters related to the law and engage us directly.

SSL reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.